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Funding Guidelines Info
1. It is critical that you request the appropriate amount of funding for each anticipated expense. 
**Amounts approved for funding cannot be reallocated to other items, even if the total reimbursement is within the approved funding amount** 

2. This application must be submitted on or before the due date corresponding to the funding hearing you wish to attend. The desired funding hearing must precede the proposed event; if the desired hearing is less than two weeks before the proposed event, your right to appeal your funding decision is waived. 

3. Please send any supporting documents to the GPSS Funding Committee via email ( 

4. Please read and understand the funding guidelines before submitting your application. Failure to following these guidelines can result in a loss of all funding offered by the GPSS Funding Committee. Also note that at least one graduate/professional student must be present at your group’s funding hearing.
5.We do not fund honorariums, travel costs, accommodations, or gifts. 

6. If funding is allocated, all publicity needs to include the GPSS logo. The date and details of the event also should be submitted to be included in our weekly email ( 

7. Lastly, you must respond to the Funding Committee’s formal decision regarding your application within 2 weeks.
For more information please see:

What Category Does Your Funding Request Fall Under?

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