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What is your age?

How frequently do you attend services at the Church of the Good Shepherd?

Which worship services do you usually attend? (Please select all that apply.)

What is or has been your involvement at the Church of the Good Shepherd? (Please select all that apply.)

Do you consider the Church of the Good Shepherd your parish home?

Our Church's identity:
Thinking of the past 12 months, what have been the strengths of the Church of the Good Shepherd?
Please rank the following aspects that you believe the Church does best.  
Drag the numbers on the right to rank order each item, 1 being the highest, 12 the lowest.

  • 1 Worship (Sunday Services, Morning Prayer, Holy Week, Advent services, etc.)
  • 2 Outreach (Helping people outside the parish)
  • 3 In-reach (Helping people inside the parish)
  • 4 Children's education (Sunday School, Children's chapel)
  • 5 Confirmation Classes
  • 6 Youth Ministry
  • 7 Seniors Ministry
  • 8 Adult Education (Helping members deepen their understanding & relationship with God)
  • 9 Music
  • 10 Fellowship (Coffee Hour, Dinners, Feast Day and Holiday Events)
  • 11 Stewardship (Time, talent and treasure)
  • 12 Other

How important are the following aspects of your worship experience at the Church of the Good Shepherd?

Importance of the Church of the Good Shepherd Ministries

How important to you is it to have the following religious aspects as part of your attendance at the Church of the Good Shepherd?

How important to you are these social and cultural aspects of the Church of the Good Shepherd?
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